Shaq Still Dominates around Basket (of fries)

From the Onion Sports Network:
Celtics coach Doc Rivers said the 7-foot-1 center showed remarkable passion, screaming at opponents and throwing elbows in order to clear out the area in front of the basket of fries.

"Tonight he was a real difference-maker, using his bulk and superior strength to box people out and overpower guys," Rivers told reporters after a postgame meal, adding that the area around the basket of fries was still O'Neal's comfort zone. "Some people say that he's slowed down over the years, but he showed some real lateral quickness when he was defending his basket. He must have snagged about a dozen fries that I thought were out of his reach."

"He sent a clear message to the league tonight," Rivers added. "If you get close to that basket of fries, Shaq can still make you pay."
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Shaq Still Dominates around Basket (of fries)
Shaq Still Dominates around Basket (of fries)
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