Top 3 Brands: Apple, Google, & BMW

Not surprisingly, Apple (AAPL) is at the top according to this Fortune article with Google (GOOG) in second and BMW coming in third. The rankings come from a 56-page "Brand Desire" report recently issue by the Clear marketing division of M&C Saatchi:

Other brands in the top ten include:
4 Disney (DIS)
5 WWF (World Wildlife Fund)
6 Sony
7 Mercedes
8 Rolex
9 Nintendo
10 Microsoft (MSFT)

So according to this one survey: cool devices, search engines, cars, and cartoons rank higher than nature conservation.

Oh, and with Disney specifically, it's apparently cartoon animals over the real ones.

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Top 3 Brands: Apple, Google, & BMW
Top 3 Brands: Apple, Google, & BMW
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